Choosing the right equipment for Pick-up

  • Pick-ups are within 24 hours of your telephone, e-mail or Fax notification
  • We offer a variety of containers that can be placed at your site depending on your needs
  • Our outside Containers, Lugger Boxes and Roll-offs range in size from 8 to 40 yards
  • If required: Our Luggers and Roll-offs can be sealed to avoid draining liquids on your property
  • Our inside Containers and self-dumping hoppers range from 1/4 yard to 2 yards in size
  • Smaller Sizes? No problem. Barrels/Drums, Gaylord type skid boxes as well as custom designed steel totes are used so your scrap can be managed more easily

Selecting the proper container/storage item provides for prompt service which translates into a better return on your investment and profit for your business

We will lease or construct, on your behalf, other types of special trucks or containers that are currently not part of our fleet operations

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