Materials Requiring Special Handling

The scrap industry has gone through many changes over the last several years. The changes have been both operational and regulatory. The result is that certain materials are unacceptable for processing because they are hazardous substances or safety problems. Some of the various state and federal regulations end up meaning that any party, including you as a supplier, contributing to the release of a hazardous substance into the environment can be liable, along with us, for any necessary cleanup. Recent Federal action signed into law by the President has lessened, but not eliminated these concerns. For this reason, it is in our mutual interest to take appropriate steps to identify and prevent any “bad guys” from getting into your scrap.

Operationally there is also a problem with “unpunctured” or closed containers and even those that may have some small openings. Scrap yards process most of the metal through large automated machines. As these containers move through the baling, shearing or shredding equipment, the containers can become compressed, and the liquid or gas highly pressurized. This explosive gas can then be ignited from the sparks generated by the metal against metal friction inside the processing machine or later at the foundry or steel mill. Naturally, the results of those blasts can be devastating.

We have created a list that identifies many of the problem items. We know you may need to get rid of one or more of the items on the list and in most cases we will be able to help you do so. Therefore, please call if you find that you have any of them that you need to dispose of and we will come out to help you choose the best option for your specific situation. You will rest easier knowing that you are not placing anyone in danger of an accident or threatening the environment in any way.