Unacceptable Items

Acetylene / propane bottles – all sizes Hazardous fumes, gas forms readily ignitable mixture in air, potential explosion in shredder
Automobiles DOT License required
Asbestos-lined pipe, or anything else with asbestos Hazardous fibers
Batteries – Car / Marine, etc Chemical solutions, hazardous fumes, lead
Capacitors or Ballasts – Any type/kind PCB’s
Computer cases and copy machines PCB’s and lead
Computer monitors PCB’s, lead and mercury
Items containing oil:  
Oil Filters Oil
Oil-based transformers Oil and PCB’s
Oil filled Delonghi heaters Oil
Oxygen bottles – without extra holes cutting openings Explosion
Mercury in any container Hazardous waste
Radioactive scrap Obvious hazardous waste
Safes and/or vaults Mostly concrete which is unable to be processed
Steel cable over 3-foot in length Clogs all automated processing equipment
Stereo components Capacitors with PCB’s
Submersible pumps and 2 stage electric motors Capacitors with PCB’s
Television Sets Capacitors with PCB’s, lead and mercury in picture tube
Unopened/Sealed Items:  
Automatic chain-driven garage door openers Capacitors with PCB’s
Basement fuel tanks Potential Explosion
Fluorescent light fixtures Ballasts with PCB’s
Microwave ovens PCB’s in magnetron tube
Sodium vapor light casings Hazardous Gas
Unpunctured Containers:  
Gasoline cans Potential Explosion
Fuel tanks from autos Potential Explosion
Containers with no significant visible holes
cut into it
Potential explosion
Vending machines / Non-refrigerated Capacitors with PCB’s
Items Requiring Licensed HCFC (Freon) Removal Prior To Pick-Up REASON FOR REFUSAL
Air Conditioners Freon
Refrigerators or Freezers Freon
Rooftop air heating & cooling units Freon
Water Fountains Freon
Vending Machines – Refrigerated Freon and Capacitors with PCB’s