Midwest Forman Recycling is a new company with a long history

We were formed as a result of the recent joining together of Midwest Iron and Metal and Forman Metal Company, both long time successful scrap metal companies serving Milwaukee and Southeastern Wisconsin. The combined companies represent well over one hundred years of service by two multi-generational companies that have both grown through individual mergers and acquisitions, each led by individuals who began in modest fashion driving their father’s trucks. Now, all told, the new venture including all seven of the original acquired companies represents the largest container scrap service in the region with a fleet of twelve trucks hauling more than 700 large scrap containers at factories all over Southeastern Wisconsin.

Midwest Forman Recycling has a simple vision statement: We exist to bring excellence to the recycling and scrap metal industry while providing the maximum financial return for our customers. We achieve this by empowering the finest and most dedicated employees, working with the best facilities and equipment, to safely and professionally deliver a level of service to our customers that is unmatched by any other scrap company. We were also the first Wisconsin scrap company to sign the safety pledge developed by the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI, Washington DC) that says, “We will operate safely-or not at all.”